Whether it’s on a metal base or entirely made in pearls, all our pendants are made in very small quantities with high quality materials. The cords are customizable and adjustable to the desired length.

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Handmade triangular red pendant

Handmade triangular red...

If you can’t resist handmade jewelry, this pendant, in red and black tones, is for you. It was made from polymer clay in our workshop in Belgium and only one is available. Thanks to its black braided cord choker, it is really easy to wear.

This pendant is 3.5cm wide and 4.8cm long.

Price €24.00
Blue crystal heart necklace

Blue crystal heart necklace

If you are looking for a unique, discreet piece of jewelry, you are sure to love this heart-shaped pendant. It is made from blue Swarovski crystal with metallic sparkle. It is attached to a pendant ring and accompanied by a silver choker chain. The heart is 1.5cm wide.

This pendant was assembled in our workshop. It is also available in clear blue and blue/purple.

Price €29.00
Pendentif rouge et blanc en perles tissées

Pendentif rouge et blanc en...

De style baroque et moderne, ce pendentif a été réalisé à partir de perles tissées blanches et rouges. La navette en cristal rouge a été entourées de perles nacrées rondes, de délicas et rocailles. Ce pendentif est accompagné d'un cordon argenté dont la taille sera ajustée à la demande du client.

Price €37.00
Pendentif grenat, beige et jaune en perles de cristal et nacrée

Pendentif grenat, beige et...

Entièrement réalisé à la main, ce pendentif doit son originalité à sa forme mi-losange mi-croix. La simplicité et la neutralité des couleurs contraste avec l'originalité de l'association des perles (nacrées et en cristal). Ce pendentif sera accompagné d'un cordon noir.

Price €31.00
Pendentif violet en perles de cristal

Pendentif violet en perles...

Petit par sa taille mais grand par son style, ce pendentif rond a été réalisé en perles de cristal. De couleur violette, il a été créé grâce à l'assemblage de 2 nuances de toupies (perles) en cristal. Il est accompagné d'un cordon noir.

Ce pendentif a été créé par nos soin et est personnalisable (couleur) sur commande.

Price €24.00
Pendentif coeur transparent

Pendentif coeur transparent

Réalisé à partir d'un coeur en cristal de Swarovski, ce pendentif transparent est réhaussé par une attache en toupies vertes claires. Un cordon noir accompagne le bijou et la longueur sera ajustée à la demande du client.

Vous souhaitez offrir ce collier dans une autre couleur? Contactez-nous et nous le réaliserons selon vos souhaits de couleur.

Price €19.00
Pendentif rouge en perles de style baroque

Pendentif rouge en perles...

Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un pendentif de style baroque, ce bijou fantaisie est fait pour vous! Réalisé avec des perles en cristal, des rocailles viennent renforcer le contraste grâce à leur couleur bronze. La longueur du cordon sera ajustée à la taille demandée par le/la cliente. Si vous souhaitez ce pendentif dans une autre couleur, nous le réaliserons sur commande.

Price €31.00
Pendentif noir et vert en perles de cristal

Pendentif noir et vert en...

Très beau pendentif vert de style baroque. De forme ronde, il a été réalisé à partir d'un cabochon central et de perles tissées tout autour. Ce pendentif a été réalisé à partir de perles en cristal de qualité et a été réalisé en un unique exemplaire. La longueur du cordon noir sera adaptée à la taille souhaitée par le client.

Price €29.00
Pendentif bleu et orange en perles de cristal

Pendentif bleu et orange en...

De forme carrée, ce pendentif bleu et orange a été réalisé avec des perles en cristal de Swarovski. Ce bijou fantaisie rappelle les pendentifs anciens tout en étant moderne grâce au mélange des couleurs.

Ce pendentif en perles a été réalisé à la main en un unique exemplaire.

Price €33.00
Pendentif boule et bleu en perles de cristal

Pendentif boule et bleu en...

Petit et de couleur bleu, ce pendentif bleu a une forme de sphère. Ce pendentif a été réalisé à la main de manière artisanale.

Il est accompagné de son cordon noir dont la longueur sera adaptée selon le souhait du client.

Price €15.00
Yellow, blue, white and silver pendant

Yellow, blue, white and...

This vintage Baroque-style pendant is carefully handmade in our workshop. The beads are threaded one by one around a blue cabochon. This handmade 4.5cm-diameter pendant is accompanied by a black braided choker.

The beads used around the blue cabochon are yellow, white and silver. This piece was made in France in our workshop.

Price €42.00
Red and silver baroque-style pendant

Red and silver...

This costume piece is totally handmade and each bead is threaded one by one. This red and silver pendant has a baroque style and goes as well with a formal outfit as it does with a more relaxed look. This 25mm-diameter pendant is worn as a choker on a braided black cord.

Unique piece, only one available. Also available in yellow and blue.

Price €42.00
Swarovski crystal teardrop pendant with silver chain

Swarovski crystal teardrop...

This pendant necklace is both unique and sophisticated. It is discreet enough to be worn at work but can also be dressed up with evening wear. This necklace is made up of a clear Swarovski crystal teardrop pendant and a silver chain. The pendant is 45mm long and is hand assembled.

Matching earrings are available.

Price €29.00
Orange, yellow and black square pendant

Orange, yellow and black...

At 4cm long, this square pendant has plenty of panache and will attract a lot of compliments. It is extremely easy to wear, with bright colors and tribal patterns. It is made from polymer clay, which makes it both sturdy and light. You will love the reasonable price tag on this handmade costume necklace with black cord.

For the full look, take a look at the matching ring.

Price €12.00
Large round orange pendent

Large round orange pendent

With a 6cm diameter, this round pendant has plenty of panache and will attract a lot of compliments. It is extremely easy to wear, with bright colors and tribal patterns. It is made from polymer clay, which makes it both sturdy and light. This handmade costume necklace with black cord is sure to be a hit.

For the full look, take a look at the matching ring.

Price €12.00
Bright orange, yellow and black pendant

Bright orange, yellow and...

This pendant is both subtle and colorful. The yellow and bright orange tones are complemented perfectly by the black. Transparency adds depth to this completely handmade piece. This pendant is attached to a short black braided cord.

Do you want to complete your look? There are matching earrings and rings available on our site.

Price €12.00
Multi-colored candy cane pendant

Multi-colored candy cane...

This pendant is perfect for both young and old. Those with a sweet tooth will love the pendant’s bright colors and candy cane shape. The neon colors merge perfectly for a fun, unique piece. This handmade pendant is 7cm long.

Matching earrings are available.

Price €11.00
Large triangular pendant in green and white with flower design

Large triangular pendant in...

This large green and white pendant is unique and handmade. The flower design has been fixed onto polymer clay. It has a width of 6 cm and a height of 6.5 cm and was made by hand. Triangular in shape, it is worn on a black cord choker.

A matching ring and earrings are also available online.

Price €15.00
Large triangular red/orange pendant with metallic shimmer

Large triangular red/orange...

Handmade in polymer clay with silver leaf and ink, this large red and orange pendant was made in our workshop. A unique creation, its originality is revealed the metallic shimmer shines in the light. With a length of 6 cm, the triangular shape is enhanced by its silver choker.

To complete the look, buy the matching ring.

Price €18.00
Very tiny, round, transparent Swarovski crystal pendant and silver chain

Very tiny, round,...

Class, luxury, elegance and discretion are the key characteristics for this tiny pendant. This round Swarovski crystal measures 0.23in (6mm) in diameter. The bail that links it and the chain are in silver. This pendant has been handmade in our workshop and is a luxury version fashion jewel.

We can make it in other colors by request.

Price €25.00
A very tiny, discreet, transparent oval pendant with a silver chain

A very tiny, discreet,...

If you love classy and discreet jewelry, you will love this tiny transparent Swarovski crystal pendant. It will hardly be seen thanks to its tiny 0.31in (8mm) length. However, it will become a little more visible when the light is reflected in the crystal. This is a high-quality silver chain necklace.

Other colors are available upon request.

Price €25.00
Square microbeads and tiny pink flowers pendant

Square microbeads and tiny...

Younger or older girl, connecting with your "flower power" hippie side or just bringing a little cheer to your day, this pink square pendant was made for you! Pink microbeads mix with tiny polymer clay flowers for a pendant in endless movement. Featuring a silver-tone cord neckband, it fits neatly and can be worn with a matching ring.

Price €21.00
Gourmet small strawberry tart with whipped cream pendant

Gourmet small strawberry...

Notice to kids (boys and girls, young and old): Look no further, this pendant is for you! Fully handmade, this small tart will make your mouth water thanks to its small strawberries and whipped cream.

With a 1.38in (3.5cm) diameter, this pendant will come with a cotton thread finished by a clasp. Length is customizable.

Price €12.00
“Donuts” pendant with green frosting

“Donuts” pendant with green...

This pendant with a diameter of 2.3 cm, will please all food lovers- big and small. Crafted entirely by hand in our workshop, it was made with polymer clay, guaranteeing a lightweight and solid piece. You will love its green frosting and little multicolored beads which look like chocolate balls. The pendant comes with a black cord.

Available with white frosting.

Price €11.00