Are you looking for a fantasy piece of jewelry to wear during the day or a sophisticated necklace to accessorize your evening dress? We offer a range of jewelry from the very simple to the most unique pieces. Do you like an image on our website but would like the necklace in another color? We make all our jewelry ourselves. Contact us with your request. We will happily create a unique necklace just for you!

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Modern, handmade green necklace

Modern, handmade green...

This green necklace will delight fans of bold style as its modern, original shape makes it totally unique. Each polymer clay triangle is decorated with a gold bohemian motif. No two adjoining triangles are the same and they fit together to form a unique, 4-sided figure.

The minimum length of this entirely handmade necklace is 41cm.

Price €35.00
Blue crystal heart necklace

Blue crystal heart necklace

If you are looking for a unique, discreet piece of jewelry, you are sure to love this heart-shaped pendant. It is made from blue Swarovski crystal with metallic sparkle. It is attached to a pendant ring and accompanied by a silver choker chain. The heart is 1.5cm wide.

This pendant was assembled in our workshop. It is also available in clear blue and blue/purple.

Price €29.00
Mid-length pink and blue necklace with handmade beads

Mid-length pink and blue...

This mid-length pink and blue necklace is 58cm long on the shortest part. The large pink beads are handmade from polymer clay. They are unique and inimitable. This necklace is assembled by hand.

This fashion necklace is sure to charm you with its bright colors and unique style.

matching beaded adjustable ring is also available on our website.

Price €36.00
Long orange necklace with black chain and handmade beads

Long orange necklace with...

Beautiful entirely handmade long orange and black necklace. Its round and square beads are made in our workshop with polymer clay. With its bohemian style and bright colors, this fashion necklace is a unique, inimitable piece. The beads are joined together by a black acrylic chain.

An adjustable ring is also available on this site.

Price €30.00
Swarovski crystal teardrop pendant with silver chain

Swarovski crystal teardrop...

This pendant necklace is both unique and sophisticated. It is discreet enough to be worn at work but can also be dressed up with evening wear. This necklace is made up of a clear Swarovski crystal teardrop pendant and a silver chain. The pendant is 45mm long and is hand assembled.

Matching earrings are available.

Price €29.00
Long yellow, red and blue hippie necklace

Long yellow, red and blue...

This long necklace is made up of individually handmade pieces. The flat blue, red and yellow beads are made by us from polymer clay in our workshop. A silver-colored chain joins the pieces together.

Even though it is 76cm long, it is light and easy to wear. It is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed, country or hippie look!

Price €23.00
Pink and white necklace with flat handmade beads

Pink and white necklace...

This pink, white and silver necklace is a unique artisanal piece. Its round, flat beads were made in our workshop with polymer clay. Each bead is linked with a silver chain. A black silk cord finishes off the necklace for a delightful, easy-to-wear costume piece.

To complement this necklace, matching adjustable rings are available.

Price €29.00
Brightly colored necklace

Brightly colored necklace

Sick of the gray weather and rain? Need a bit of color to brighten up your day? Sometimes, a beautiful, bright necklace is all it takes! This cheerful, multi-colored necklace (red, yellow, blue and silver) is 52cm long and includes handmade beads. These handmade beads are surrounded by other, yellow Swarovski crystal beads.

Price €33.00
multicolored-colored mid-length necklace with handmade flat beads


Originality and bright colors are on the cards with this multicolored necklace with trapeze-shaped flat beads, handmade in our workshop. The flat beads are separated by round, white beads. The cord is red and the total length of this mid-length necklace is 54 cm.

For a collection of fantasy jewelry, a ring and a braceletare also available

Price €35.00
Multicolored necklace with flat, colorful, handmade flat pearls

Multicolored necklace with...

If you like bright colors, original designs and handmade creations, you will fall under this magnificent necklace's charm. What’s different? It has flat, fully-handmade pearls interlinked by a silver chain. A unique creation manufactured in Belgium, this mid-length necklace is for sale only on this website.

Price €29.00
Very tiny, round, transparent Swarovski crystal pendant and silver chain

Very tiny, round,...

Class, luxury, elegance and discretion are the key characteristics for this tiny pendant. This round Swarovski crystal measures 0.23in (6mm) in diameter. The bail that links it and the chain are in silver. This pendant has been handmade in our workshop and is a luxury version fashion jewel.

We can make it in other colors by request.

Price €25.00
Multicolored, mid-length necklace with handmade elongated pearls

Multicolored, mid-length...

Multicolored pearls in this necklace were handmade in our workshop. They have a rounded diamond shape. Six beads are set on a black acrylic chain that is supported by a cord in suede. With a 18.5in (47cm) length, it is worn mid-length.

Matching ring and earrings are available.

Price €29.00
A very tiny, discreet, transparent oval pendant with a silver chain

A very tiny, discreet,...

If you love classy and discreet jewelry, you will love this tiny transparent Swarovski crystal pendant. It will hardly be seen thanks to its tiny 0.31in (8mm) length. However, it will become a little more visible when the light is reflected in the crystal. This is a high-quality silver chain necklace.

Other colors are available upon request.

Price €25.00
Long necklace or yellow, black and orange necklace with handmade pearls.

Long necklace or yellow,...

This necklace is ideal for bringing color to a dress or a black outfit and will attract all eyes on you thanks to its bright, incomparable colors with round and flat pearls handmade in our workshop. Yellow pearls have sharp reflections in the light, giving the impression there is a pearl inside the pearl.

This necklace is 31.5in (80cm) in length.

Price €33.00
Long necklace or white, green and yellow handmade sautoir.

Long necklace or white,...

This necklace's pearls are handmade and imitate the Asian "batik" fabrics. They have a 1.57in (4cm) diameter and are separated by a metallic chain. This necklace is worn long since it is 31.5in (80cm) in length. Colored and unique, this necklace is a original craft piece that can be matched to a ring or earrings, or pendant.

Price €31.00
Handmade mid-length beaded fantasy necklace in orange

Handmade mid-length beaded...

Crafted entirely by hand, this orange necklace is bright, colorful, modern and original. The round beads are all made in our workshop: from paint or polymer clay. This fantasy necklace is therefore, a unique piece which can be worn with a matching ring or earrings.

Length: 52 cm. Made in Belgium.

Price €31.00
Square fantasy necklace in orange and yellow

Square fantasy necklace in...

As well as being bright and colorful, this necklace is also unique thanks to the beads which are entirely handmade. In fact, these square ones were made with polymer clay in our workshop in Belgium. Linked together by little acrylic chains, we also assembled this necklace ourselves.

It measures a short 48 cm.

Price €31.00
Long reversible blue and gold necklace

Long reversible blue and...

This long reversible necklace is the ideal accessory for the indecisive. It is made of reversible flat beads: gold on one sign and bluish purple on the other. This 88cm-long fashion necklace is handmade in our workshop. The blue and gold beads are made from polymer clay and have a diameter of 3.2cm.

Price €30.00
Swarovski round beige pendant with silver chain

Swarovski round beige...

With a 1.5cm diameter, this little pendant is easy to wear and will attract compliments thanks to its beautiful shine in the light. The shimmering central beige Swarovski crystal part is attached to a 42cm-long silver chain. This pendant is hand-assembled in our workshop.

We can make this pendant in other colors upon request.

Price €30.00
Mid-length blue polymer clay necklace

Mid-length blue polymer...

This handmade mid-length blue necklace is perfect for the summer, as it shimmers under the sunlight. The long beads are made with polymer clay, silver leaf and inks. Under the light, this explosive combination reveals a breathtaking metallic sparkle. The little blue beads enhance the whole piece.

Length: 50cm.

Price €32.00
Tiny round transparent Swarovski crystal pendant

Tiny round transparent...

With a diameter of just 7mm, this little pendant is discreet and easy to wear. It is surrounded by silver and attached to a black cotton cord. It is assembled by us in our workshop. You will soon forget you are wearing this lightweight pendant.

Other colors are available upon request.

Price €16.00
Handmade black and white necklace

Handmade black and white...

This modern, unique necklace is totally handmade. The long, flat beads are slightly embossed and are handmade from polymer clay. They are threaded onto a white acrylic chain, which is finished off by an black imitation suede cord. This mid-length piece is 44cm long. It is both light and durable, and its modern motifs go perfectly with a relaxed or dressy look.

Price €35.00
Rainbow/multi-colored Swarovski crystal small round pendant


With a 1.5cm diameter, this little pendant is easy to wear and will attract compliments thanks to its beautiful shine in the light. In daylight, it reveals its beautiful multi-colored sparkle. The center of this pendant is a Swarovski crystal cabochon. It is finished off with a black cotton cord and silver metal clasp. It measures 43cm long.

Take a look at the beige version!

Price €20.00